Birthdays and friends

Well, I won't be broadcasting the SRL show tonight. I am trying to get archives to Loop so he can rebroadcast past shows when I can't do it live. (possibly tonight included)

Why won't I be on tonight?

For one, I think I need to replace the DSL modem AT &T gave us four thousand years ago...

Next, (and a MUCH better reason to miss *work*)... We're going to one of our best friend's, (Dave P's), birthday party tonight!! Yay!

He and his wife, Kathleen, are part of a group of people that are more like family to us, really. You know, those people you're inexplicable drawn too, but know instantly that you will remain friends regardless of time or distance... Yeah, they're like that for us. We're very lucky to have a group like that in our lives...we never doubt the good fortune of that.

More tomorrow~ love, Juliette