Busy Week...

I've decided that too many vodka drinks turns my bones to glass...but that's neither here nor there...

What I really want to say is about next week! First, you already know that we have show at the Roxy this Tuesday night. (It's all ages!!)
We'll have merch set up (a couple new t-shirt designs for the ladies) and I'll be hanging out after the show to watch our friends, HYPERNOVA if you haven't checked them out, click the link or just hang out and dance with me after our show! Sean mixed there debut album (which is coming out soon, I believe). We just really dig 'em. It's gonna be a party, so bring your sass... ;)

Next, if you've been to our live shows, then you've probably noticed DJ Eric Ill is our right hand man. He's one of the gallant gentlemen on stage before and after that make it so I'm not loading gear in heels! We love him. What's my point? His own band, Purple Double Barrel has their debut live show on June 6th at The Cat Club (on Sunset). We'll be down showing our support for the big E...(love ya, but I'm not hauling gear, Eric) ;)

And finally... Saturday, June 7th at the Roxy one of our FAVORITE bands is playing - FIREWATER!!
If you like Gogol Bordello (like I do)...well, these guys were doing it about 10 years earlier, in fact it looks like Firewater, (which is primarily Tod A from Cop Shoot Cop, yeah it's like that) has pickled up Oren Kaplan from GB for this tour... in fact the touring band is a google fest waiting to happen...so go to their page listen, read up and if you like what you hear, add them, show support in anyway you can. If you're in LA, you can always come dance with us on Saturday night.