Fit to Rock/ Stop Staring Fashion show...

I went to the Fit to Rock/Stop Staring fashion show last night. It was fun! Even for having to go solo, Sean was in the studio mixing some heavy metal (Forbidden's new thing) and Jon, well, who knows where Jon was... you can't really inquire about the exact location of a mythical beast like Jon. Fckr still deserted me. (just kidding Jon).

No worries, though, I'm southern and sociable, so a party is a party, no?

Anyway, everyone looked beautiful, all dolled up... Alicia (Stop Staring designer) talked me into walking the runway, which was exciting... I'd never done that before.

When she first walked up to me she was laughing and said, "Oh my gosh, people are coming up to me saying 'I think Gwen Stefani is here', so I'm looking around and see they're pointing to you! So, I told them 'no, that's 8mm!' so then they were like, 'oh I love 8mm!'" ;)

Hahaha... I said, "Yeah, I'm taller the Gwen."

But, maybe more importantly, I also learned that rum, coke and Guiness tastes like ice cream.... mmmmm ;)

Of course, if I make those a habit I don't think I'll be "fit to rock" ! ;P

Cheers, J

p.s. TWO WEEKS till the CD Release and SHOW!! :D