Melting, melting!

OK. I give. It's hot.

I am the sort who very much prefers hot weather to cold...but, ok, it's hot.

(you know, that cold weather kills more people annually than heat...and not just a little more, try SEVEN times more people...that's all I'm gonna say about it. You can look it up though...or email me, I send you a link....if you're into geeky science articles.)

BUT I DIGRESS...my original point was... our air went out and, in a studio, that is very, very bad. So, the day has consisted of us melting into a puddle on the floor waiting for the electrician. Thankfully, that oh-so-wondrous master of electron flow has and been and left... so equilibrium is returning. Solid human forms are emerging once again.

I'll be sending out an update later this week...so check your inboxes. I will copy it to our blogs as well, but mailing list gets things first.