Question for yous...

Bonjour mon amis!

We hope your holiday season so far has been wonderful and warm...

I am going to be asking you guys about cities and venues over the next few months with the idea of putting together a tour. :)

What we need from you is simple, do you want us to play in your town?
...don't forget to tell us what town that is.. ;)

And what venue/clubs do you like best/recommend?

Other than that, we're working on new music, plotting and planning to get out there to you in the flesh...so, in the meantime, spread the word about us, tell friends, ask them to pass the word on, post links, whatever you heart desires... everything counts and helps us!

If you have requests about tools, widgets, banners or anything that would help you spread the spread the word, please tell us and we'll do our best to get it to you!

More soon!

We love you,