Question from myspace...

I thought I take today's post to answer a question left on myspace for us...
Future Unknown asked:
"Did you guys really do a remix for the Puscifer album?"

The answer is yes. We highly encourage you to look for updates on the Puscifer website -

The remix cd, "V is for Viagra - The Vagina Remixes", isn't available yet, (release date set for April 29th) but if you're keeping your eye out for it...it's -
Cuntry Boner - (8mm Disco Viagra Remix)

And seriously, Sean named our remix and we had NO IDEA that the remix cd would be called "V is for Viagra"... so the double viagra reference is really a coincidence. Funny, huh? We shoulda known with Maynard though... ;)

Of course, while that remixes aren't available yet
(they will all be worth the wait...you know you wanna hear me yodel with Maynard...)
...you can hear Sean's mix of "Trekka" on the player at the site right now.

So go have a listen and enjoy! I do...

Love, Juliette