updates and such...

We saw Iron Man this weekend....and it was awesome. (fyi, we're sci-fi geeks....)
Robert Downey, Jr. kicked ass. Enough said...

Musexpo was exhausting but cool last week. We had a really good time and the show went well... we'll see what comes of it. ;)

Here's a picture from the last night, this is Raam (singer for Hypernova, one of my favorite new bands, so check 'em out!), next is yours truly and our manager Shannon O' Shea (gotta love those tall red-headed- Celts...I'm just saying...don't mess with Ms. O'Shea...)

Sean is back in the studio producing the band, Meese (on Atlantic) which is cool and the guys are a lot of fun.

In sadder news, our van 'The Beshemoth" is not doing well...we think it's her transmission, but we'll have her looked at this week for a definite answer...poor ole' thing... :(
Anyone wanna convert her to a hybrid or something fuel efficient?

Oh to swing back to good news, the Puscifer remixes are out! We got a care package from that camp with some of the funniest frickin' merch EVER! Oh, I love it...but again, not for the kids guys...please be responsible. :)

More later...

Love, Juliette