We're back...

So it's taken a little while for me to recover from the trip...but I'm back.

Sean's already gone again to Denver to do pre-production with a band on Atlantic records...it's cool stuff, so he's enjoying himself, but I do miss him so...but we're gross like that.

I've found some great pictures of our shows in Chile on Flickr. I'm going to post some from Mateo Gajardo tomorrow on myspace... working on getting a hold of more. Thank you for the great pictures and being such a wonderful audience. It really was a pleasure to play for you. We're honored. We do love Chile.

In the meantime, (and maybe a bit more cynical, but just a bit) here's a personal pic:
Robin Guthrie and Sean getting paid at Montemapu.... no that's not gold...it's chocolate coins... oh, it's true... ah, good times, good times... ;)

Btw, LOVE Robin & his wife. I can't say enough about what a pleasure it was meeting and spending time with the two of them. Truly.

Robin's show is gorgeous too, so if he's playing near where you are...GO.

More on the trip, new friends and pics soon...